Mommy Why?

A new book for ages 4-8!

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About Mommy Why?

From the moment children utter their first words, they are bursting with questions about the world around them and why everything is the way it is.

Some questions are delightful, naïve, embarrassing, and sometimes nonsensical, while others can be poignant, heart-breaking, and often profound in their simplicity.

We answer our children’s thoughts, concerns, and fears the best we can, calmly on the outside while often screaming inside our head: How do I answer that question?—Am I doing this right?—Do I even know anything?—Argh, my armpits are beginning to sweat—What was the question again?

Readers are invited to join author Erin Royce as she lets us eavesdrop on a young girl's anxious, yet touching questions about herself to the person she trusts the most in the world—her mother.

Parents will value and find inspiration in the loving mother's simple yet wise answers to the daughter's difficult questions.

When read together, Mommy, Why? will give parents and children the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in the book and will also encourage children to ask their own questions.

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About the Author

Erin Royce graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, majoring in Law and English. In order to both see the world and pay off her school loans, she worked as a fitness instructor on cruise ships, managing the fitness programs.

During these voyages she fell in love with the magnificent mountains of Alaska. Longing to be on land again for more than five weeks at a time, Erin walked off her last cruise ship in New York City and literally flew into the next chapter of her life—to her new home where she continues to reside, among the Rocky Mountains just outside of Calgary.

Though drawing and writing had been a part of her very early life, it was her daughter Morgan who helped her rediscover her passion and love of writing. So, hold on to your bootstraps and stay tuned: Mommy, Why? is only the beginning!

Erin's loving husband Mark, her incredible daughter Morgan, and Jackson, her blue standard poodle rescued from the streets, make up the family. They enjoy many outdoor activities together, as well as weekly game nights.

When Erin can find a quiet space, she loves to crack open a book and dive into that other world and sometimes . . . just sometimes, think about what world she will create with her own thoughts, words, and imagination.